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Autumn in Ardez Switzerland
Planning a Trip to Switzerland? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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Planning a trip to Switzerland may seem complicated, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. I’m sure you may have many questions about…

Che Guevara artwork
7 Unique Things You’ll See When You Visit Cuba
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Travelling to Cuba is true sensory overload (to say the least); the tastes, the smells but especially the uniquely Cuban sights. In just two…

Is Nice Cheap? How to Plan a Budget Holiday in Nice France
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If I’m going to be honest, the sole reason I booked a holiday in Nice, France was to watch Beyonce & Jay-Z’s OTR II…

7 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Summer in Switzerland
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I know Switzerland is the ultimate winter vacation destination but did you know that summer in Switzerland is equally as amazing? Yep, it’s true!…

Cuba Travel: Are these Cuban Myths Actually True?
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If you’re travelling to Cuba, find out which of these Cuba travel tips are actually true and which are just Cuban myths. Cuba is…

Sunset in Oia Santorini
14 Excellent Things to Do in Santorini
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Are you trying to figure out what to do in Santorini? Take a look at this list of some of the best things to…

Mainau Island: A Complete Guide to the Stunning Flower Island in Germany
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If you’re looking for a warm welcome to Spring in Germany, then look no further than the beautiful flower paradise, Mainau Island. Let’s be…

Canons at Fort Charles
Fort Charles: All You Need to Know About Jamaica’s Best Pirate Attraction
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If you’ve never heard of Fort Charles in Jamaica, I’ll ask you a few questions. Do the names Captain Henry Morgen or Calico Jack…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Strawberry Fields Together Eco-Resort
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The Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort in Jamaica is the perfect choice for traveller’s seeking rest, relaxation and fun beach days by the perfectly blue…

Kiss on a bridge
6 of the Most Romantic Vacation Hideaways You’ll Ever Visit
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So, you and your sweetheart are planning a romantic vacation, but you absolutely hate large crowds of people. Where in the world do you…

Girl Standing by the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica
The Bob Marley Museum: Kingston’s Ode to the King of Reggae
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Bob Marley; the legendary king of reggae music. Thanks to this iconic Jamaican reggae artist, my little island of Jamaica has been placed squarely…

What to Expect in the Breathtaking City of Havana Cuba
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Quick Navigation : Havana (Oh Na Na)Welcome to Hava-NAH!?Stay: Casa MirabelWhat to Do:Go:Cuisine:Experience:Goodbye Havana, Hello Viñales Havana (Oh Na Na) Before you ask the…

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Cuba Unveiled: 2 Weeks and 5 Destinations
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Cuba, a country shrouded in mystery; seemingly isolated from the globe. That’s at least how I viewed this Caribbean island. Despite growing up in…

Girl at the Beach
A First-Timer’s Experience in the Greek Islands: Mykonos, Greece
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Do you know how many Greek islands there are? 6,000 Yeah, that’s quite a lot! Luckily (or unluckily) for us, only 227 are habitable…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Lime Cay Beach
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Can you really enjoy a beautiful Jamaican beach day in the middle of Kingston? Yes! Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city, is famous for its lively…

A Day In the Medieval Fairy-Tale Town of Colmar, France
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Quick Navigation : The Medieval Fairy-Tale Town of ColmarA Bit About ColmarHow to Get AroundOld Town TreatsA Fairy-Tale in Real Life The Medieval Fairy-Tale…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Jakes Resort | Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth
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Free Printable Tip Sheet Below! There’s a reason Jakes Resort is in the town of Treasure Beach, for it’s certainly a local gem. It…

City View of Florence, Italy
Road Trip to Tuscany: Exploring the Old City of Florence on a Budget
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Quick Navigation : Road Trip to Tuscany, ItalyFlorence: The Birthplace of the RenaissanceStay: Hotel SampaoliGo: A Walking CitySee: Home of Renaissance Art + ArchitectureTaste: Italian…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Great Huts Resort | Boston Bay, Portland
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Escape to Nature Great Huts Resort, located in the most beautiful parish in Jamaica, Portland, is a secret waiting to be revealed to the…

Boats on the River in Xochimilco Mexico
The Best of Mexico’s Travel, Culture & People
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My trip to Mexico happened in early 2008 when I was still in high school. When my grade 12 Spanish class was offered the chance…