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7 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Summer in Switzerland

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I know Switzerland is the ultimate winter vacation destination but did you know that summer in Switzerland is equally as amazing? Yep, it’s true! This charming Alpine country transforms from…

Cuba Travel: Are these Cuban Myths Actually True?

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If you’re travelling to Cuba, find out which of these Cuba travel tips are actually true and which are just Cuban myths. Cuba is probably one of the most mysterious…

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11 Tips for Europeans Travelling to Jamaica (with connecting flights through America)

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Let me start by saying what needs to be said: Flying through America can be a nightmarish experience.  If you’re flying to Jamaica from Europe, you’ll likely be passing through…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Lime Cay Beach

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Can you really enjoy a beautiful Jamaican beach day in the middle of Kingston? Yes! Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city, is famous for its lively music and party scene. Many tourists…

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14 Essential Travel Preparation Tips for Your Next Trip

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  With my trip to Istanbul (Turkey) drawing nearer, I’ve been getting even more excited (and a bit anxious). A lot goes into the planning and preparation for travelling to an…