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About The Swiss Freis

The Swiss Freis is a fun, light-hearted travel and lifestyle blog created by myself, Toni-Ann. Currently living in St. Gallen Switzerland, I created this blog out of the desire to share my new experiences with family and friends who live in different countries. My blog serves as both a written and visual diary intended to document life as I live it; from the experiences of living in a new country to the unique experiences and challenges I encounter from being in an interracial and intercultural relationship. The Swiss Freis is also a creative outlet for my interests in the visual arts, namely photography and video.

The Swiss Freis welcomes anyone interested in travel, visual imagery or just normal human life experiences to join the journey. From the wanderluster to the curious mind or anyone inbetween, I hope to provide you with an enjoyable experience. So follow as I explore and discover life and all it has to offer!

Our Story

Coming from countries on opposite sides of the world, Jeremias coming from the European country of Switzerland and I from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, both our worlds combined by chance when we met at a music festival in Jamaica called “Wickie Wackie Music Festival”. This festival focused on Jamaica’s world famous genre of music, reggae. It was this, our mutual musical appreciation of reggae music that allowed us to cross paths. Soon we found ourselves developing a mutual interest in each other  as we shared common interests and values.

However, it was inevitable that we would have to separate due to the distance of our home countries. We realized that our relationship was worthwhile and that we wanted to develop together. It was then that we made the decision for me to move to St. Gallen, Switzerland, where we both currently live together.

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4 Similar Jamaican and Swiss Christmas Traditions
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Lifestyle Posts

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HDS Classmates
HDS: Mastering German within a Year
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  A Whole Year, Complete!  Well, it’s official! I’ve completed one whole year of German lessons! Not only did I complete a year of language…

Deutsche Blogposts

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HDS Classmates
HDS: Bestandener Deutschkurs A1
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Ein Ganzes Jahr Deutsch! Es ist offiziell! Ich bin schon ein Jahr in der Deutschschule gewesen! Ich habe nicht nur ein komplettes Jahr Deutsch gelernt,…

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Meine Reise nach Istanbul (Türkei) kommt näher und ich fühle mich glücklich ( und ein bisschen ängstlich). Planung und Vorbereitung für eine Reise braucht viele…