The Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort in Jamaica is the perfect choice for traveller’s seeking rest, relaxation and fun beach days by the perfectly blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Strawberry Fields Together Eco-Resort

🎶Let me take you down ‘Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields Together🎶

Hopefully my lyrical wordplay is not lost on you! (They’re lyrics from the Beatles, just in case you’re wondering 😛)

“Well what do those lyrics have to do with your post? Get to the point, Toni-Ann!”

Yes, yes, I’m getting there, I promise! I’m simply preparing you for the absolutely care-free, laid-back feeling you’ll get from visiting this lovely Jamaican eco-resort.

Just as it is in the infamous Beatles song “Strawberry Fields”, the Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort in Jamaica promises you nothing but good vibes.

Designed with the intention of helping guests to escape their conventional lifestyle, this eco-resort fulfils your every tropical fantasy. Private beachside cottages, crystal clear blue seas on two private beaches and just enough nature and relaxation to escape daily life.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Yes! That’s because it really is 🙂

My partner and I enjoy Strawberry Fields Together so much that it has become somewhat a tradition to go each time we visit Jamaica!

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The Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort in Jamaica is the perfect choice for traveller’s seeking rest, relaxation and fun beach days by the perfectly blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. These unique collection of beach cottages offer the perfect escape from everyday life, fulfilling your every tropical fantasy. via #Jamaica #Caribbean #Tropics #Tropical #Travelguide #traveltips #traveldestination #Resort #Vacation

Getting to Strawberry Fields Together

Strawberry Fields Together is in one of Jamaica’s lesser visited but absolutely stunning parishes, St. Mary, in a town called Robin’s Bay. (Does anyone else get excited about the prospect of less tourists? 🙈).

The easiest and most popular route for travellers coming from Kingston is the route we Jamaicans call “Junction”. This route is quite simple to follow as you’ll only be travelling along one winding main road through Stony Hill, passing through the parish of St. Catherine until you finally arrive in St. Mary.

TIP: One of the best parts of this journey for us locals is stopping for delicious street food. On your journey stop to have a delicious “ital” soup from a Rastafarian shop in Friendship Gap. Also, make another quick stop by any of the street-side fruit vendors to sample delicious Caribbean fruit and drink a nice fresh cold coconut.

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If you’re travelling from other major Jamaican cities such as Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, the route is also easy to follow since you’ll mostly be driving along the northern coast of the island.

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Not travelling with your own private vehicle? Fret not!

You can choose to take a reputable local bus company, the Knutsford Express, to the town of Port Maria in St. Mary. After you’ve arrived in Port Maria you’ll be able to charter a taxi to Strawberry Fields Together.

TIP: It’s around a 40-minute car drive from Port Maria to Strawberry Fields Together and your taxi may want to charge you a pretty penny. Try to strike a deal that’s fair for the both of you.

A major landmark to look out for once you’ve reached Robin’s Bay is a bus stop that’s painted with the Strawberry Fields Together logo. Take the turn off at this bus stop and follow the dirt road until you see branded signs that will easily guide you to the eco-resort.

Strawberry Fields Together bus stop in Jamaica
Look out for this Strawberry Fields Together bus stop

Accommodation: Moonlight Magic

Immediately upon arriving to the Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort you’ll recognize two things:

  1. The mesmerizingly crystal clear blue waters of the two private beaches
  2. I’m in Jamaican beach cottage heaven!

Like I said, this resort is the perfect secluded tropical beach getaway.

The beach at Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort in Jamaica
Have you ever seen water this crystal clear?

Throughout this lovely Jamaican eco-resort you’ll find cottages dotting the 18-acre property. Accommodations range from small simple cottages to grander boho-chic flats. The only thing you’ll have to do is simply make your pick!

Cottage at Strawberry Fields Together in Jamaica
How cute is this cottage?!
Simple cottage overlooking the sea at Strawberry Fields Together in Jamaica
The Dream Maker  cottage has an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea

For Jerry and I the Moonlight Magic cottage is our go-to choice because of its cosy intimate size. The absolute best thing about this cottage is its indoor/outdoor feel and its proximity to the sea (the sound of crashing waves in the night time will put anyone to sleep!).

TIP: Although Strawberry Fields Together provides mosquito nets and coil bug repellent, I suggest bringing your own can of bug spray.

The Moonlight Magic Cottage at Strawberry Fields Together in Jamaica
The Moonlight Magic Cottage

What to Do at Strawberry Fields Together

Do I need to state the obvious friends?

The NUMBER ONE THING to do at the Strawberry Fields Together eco-resort is to RELAX ON THE BEACH.

That’s the logical thing to do at a tropical beach resort in Jamaica, right? 😛

All guests have access to both private beaches where you can enjoy the waves of the magnificently blue Caribbean Sea.

View from the Moonlight Magic Cottage_
Who could resist staring at this beautiful scenery?

TIP: Although both beaches are private, in the spirit of inclusion of the locals, the owner allows persons to pay an entry fee to use the main beach property. Thus, you’ll sometimes find locals hanging out at the larger of the two beaches. You’ll, however, mostly have it exclusively to yourself within the week.

Another wonderful experience at Strawberry Fields Together is watching the magnificent sunrise from the cliffs on property. If you’re an early bird (or even if you’re not) take my silly advice and make the short trek just beyond the yoga deck (yes, they also offer yoga) to the cliffs. A more colourful display of nature I guarantee you’ll never see!

Sunrise at Strawberry Fields Together
Strawberry Fields Together has one of the best views of the sunrise
Jerry enjoying sunrise at Strawberry Fields Together
Jerry enjoying sunrise at Strawberry Fields Together

Interested in doing other local activities off property?

Then ask the main office to book you one of their specialty tours. Options for day excursions range from trips to local waterfalls and black sand beaches, snorkelling and/or fishing with local fishermen at long reef to spending a day with a local Rastafarian family to experience an authentic Jamaica.

Cuisine: The Strawberry Patch

For my foodies, you’ll be glad to know that Strawberry Fields Together features its very own restaurant and cafe affectionately named “The Strawberry Patch”.

No, they don’t actually serve strawberries (though you could possibly ask!) but they DO serve some of the most delicious Jamaican meals you’ll ever taste!

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The Strawberry Patch Restaurant & Cafe
The Strawberry Patch Restaurant & Cafe

Breakfast is typically ackee and saltfish (Jamaica’s national dish) but if you aren’t feeling adventurous enough to sample the local dish, the chef prepares delicious coconut pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs as well 😋

Jamaican breakfast, ackee and saltfish
Jamaican breakfast, ackee and saltfish

For dinner you’ll also have a range of Jamaican dishes to choose from. Meals such as steamed/fried fish and jerked chicken are all prepared with love just for you the guest. Trust me your stomach will be forever grateful to you!

TIP: When booking, you have the option of paying a package rate that includes breakfast and dinner or booking without meals. My advice is to is to opt for the package rate since it’s convenient to eat right there on property. It doesn’t hurt too that the chef is top notch!

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A Local’s Perspective

Strawberry Fields Together gets a solid stamp of approval from me! Not only is it a place of respite for the traveller seeking to enjoy a beach holiday in Jamaica, but it’s also an authentic taste of the real Jamaica. So, pack your shades, swimsuit and beach towels and head out to enjoy this wonderful Jamaican eco-resort! I promise you it’s one of the best places to stay in Jamaica!

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and treat yourself!

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