What a Day!

Today was the first I’ve traveled from home by myself here in Switzerland. Mission: Getting to my private German lesson.

Typically I’m very shy/timid in any given new situation…well, times that by two! Seeing as I don’t speak the native tongue in this region (Swiss German). At least with classes I’ll get better at speaking German, right?

The day began with riding a train from my town, St. Gallen, to another town which is about 1.5 hours away (Eglisau) with one change of train in another town (Winterthur). After nervously exiting my first train I quickly found my next platform with the help of an English-speaking Swiss woman. The travel from that train station to my final destination went smoothly; SCORE!

My tutor (and friend) picked me up and I’m glad to say that my first lesson was excellent! (I’m so excited about learning a new language!)

The trip back was a bit more eventful…I caught all my trains, sure, but I missed my bus once, then missed my stop and had to get off at another stop in the middle of nowhere…I had to walk back to find another bus stop and head back in the opposite direction. Finally after reaching the correct bus stop I walked home only to realize I didn’t have the keys to the flat. Mamma Mia! I ended the day by breaking into my home. At least I got inside, right?

I look forward to more solo travels.

Tomorrow, Stuttgart, Germany! (Taking the shaky nerves and English speaking across borders!)



  • Epic! I can relate when on my first real solo trip to another city, I successfully navigated crowds and crowds of people, booking a coach ticket etc, only to be caught in one of Turkey’s most historic moments- coup! lol