Cuba, a country shrouded in mystery; seemingly isolated from the globe.

That’s at least how I viewed this Caribbean island.

Despite growing up in the southern neighbouring island of Jamaica, Cuba was still as enigmatic to me as it would be for anyone else in the world.

Crazy, right?

With its embargos and strict travel policies a trip to Cuba seemed as impossible as a trip to the moon. Needless to say, this made it even more appealing. It had been at the top of my bucket list for over ten years, so my inner 13-year-old squealed with joy when the opportunity to visit came in December 2017.

Now, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to open a time capsule from the 1950’s, Cuba is certainly the place to experience that!

Towns and cities are uniquely characterized by Spanish colonial architecture interspersed between picturesque mountains and valleys. Need I mention the horse carriages and 1940-50’s American vintage cars that overran the streets?

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Toni-Ann walking beside a vintage cars in Havana Cuba
Old American cars are a popular attraction in Havana and much of Cuba

It was a dream come true.

With not much planning, aside from the essential travel requirements (a tourist visa, travel insurance and cash), Jerry and I explored the enigma that was Cuba. Our two-week trip took us to five (5) cities/towns, each holding its own charm. This 5 part travel series will unveil all the enigmas of this beautiful Caribbean island!

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Cuba is an enigmatic travel destination in the Caribbean. Experience this tropical island paradise, its impressive architecture and beautiful beaches in The Swiss Freis 5 part travel series on this picturesque Caribbean island! via the

Part One: Havana

Our first stop was to the iconic capital city of Havana. I kid you not when I say that this city lives up to the hype! It was a perfect balance between historic and modern and a unique blend of European and Caribbean. Beautiful, diverse and culturally rich, Havana exceeded all our expectations and more!

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Old Havana City
Havana is the perfect blend of European architecture and Caribbean lifestyle

Part Two: Viñales

Sitting in a scenic valley is the town of Viñales. It’s a tourist hot spot centred around literally one long street of restaurants and shops. Most of the town’s attractions, however, are based around its beautiful nature. We got to enjoy a few of the popular attractions the area had to offer; horse rides, cave exploring, you name it!

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Valle del Silencio in Viñales
Valle del Silencio in Viñales
Horses in Viñales
One of the most popular attractions in Viñales is its horse riding through the tobacco fields
Tobacco Farmer in Viñales Cuba
Viñales is famous for its production of Cuban cigars. This Tobacco Farmer was hard at work!

Part Three: Playa Girón

Playa Girón is a sleepy beachside town whose history makes it an interesting place to visit. Have you ever heard of the Bay of Pigs? If you haven’t, in a nutshell it’s one of Cuba’s triumphs against American invasion in 1961. Naturally the town highlights its historic victory with a museum which displays some of the battle relics. History aside, the town also has a beautiful beach, Playa Coco. It was the ideal place for rest and relaxation.

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Battle tanks in Playa Girón
The Bay of Pigs Museum in Playa Girón is a must visit!
Jerry sitting on a palm tree
Jerry at Playa Coco

Part Four: Trinidad de Cuba

Like Viñales, Trinidad de Cuba is quite a popular destination for tourists. The town boasts much impressive architecture and has quite a lively night scene. However, the real beauty of the city was revealed to Jerry and me once we ventured outside the tourist centre. Exploring the local side of Trinidad was the highlight of the trip as the Cubans welcomed us into their daily lives.

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Trinidad de Cuba town
The beautiful town of Trinidad de Cuba
Cuban cafeteria
Exploring the outskirts of Trinidad de Cuba was great to get to know some of the locals

Part Five: Morón

If you love to experience culture (like we do) Morón is a great town to visit. There were hardly any tourists in sight (likely because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma) so Jerry and I got to glimpse a bit of the real Cuba. We explored the old town, befriended locals and even adventured to a nearby cay to the north.

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Street scene in Morón Cuba
Local life in Morón
Butcher in Morón Cuba
A local butcher in the town of Morón

Our trip to Cuba was exhilarating, eye-opening and insightful. Come along with us on our adventures in our five-part Cuban series as we unveil the curiosities and mysteries of this unique Caribbean gem. We’ll be posting weekly with the tales of our exciting Cuban adventures!

Have you ever visited Cuba? Where were your favourite places to explore?

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Cuba is an enigmatic travel destination in the Caribbean. Experience this tropical island paradise, its impressive architecture and beautiful beaches in The Swiss Freis 5 part travel series on this picturesque Caribbean island! via the


  • Went last summer and fell in love with Cuba and its people! We stayed in Miramar but couldn’t get enough of Havana and Viñales. Interacting with the locals and venturing off the beaten path allowed us to really get a feel of the country.

  • Never visited Cuba Toni but your article certainly inspired me to elevate it to the top 3 on my “Bucket List”. Thanks for sharing the experience and kudos to the Swiss Freis. You’re increasingly becoming an authority on interesting destinations. Well presented Toni…very proud of you. BTW…top of my “Bucket List” is to visit you in Switzerland 🙂