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man and woman standing beside motorbike

Schwägalp Evening Motorbike Ride

2592 1458 Toni-Ann | The Swiss Freis

  Beautiful Day for a Motorbike Ride It was an unusually sunny day in St. Gallen. The weather so far in St. Gallen had been quite unpredictable and as such…

Masterpiece by Le Corbusier : Ronchamp, France

4853 2925 Toni-Ann | The Swiss Freis

Ronchamp? Where’s that?  You may find yourself wondering the very question. Well, Ronchamp, though not your average tourist destination, is a small sleepy town in eastern France. Though many may…

The Parthenon, Athens

Lounging with the Greek Gods: Athens, Greece

3000 1890 Toni-Ann | The Swiss Freis

  Greece? Yes Please! When I think of Athens Greece, a few notable facts come to mind: One of the birthplaces of modern civilization Homeland of many mathematical geniuses and philosophers Greek…

Steeple in Reschensee, Südtirol

Motorbike Road Trip: Südtirol, Italy

3000 2147 Toni-Ann | The Swiss Freis

We’re on a Roll! Shortly after we had finished our two week trip to Greece, came our opportunity to travel to Südtirol Italy. Jerry’s father, who had been vacationing there, invited…

The Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Exploring Stuttgart City: Stuttgart, Germany

3000 2316 Toni-Ann | The Swiss Freis

The Center of Modern History Germany had always held a key interest for me. With its tumultuous history, particularly through the era of the Second World War, the country has…

Waggis from Basel Fasnacht

Basler Fasnacht: The Most Popular Carnival in Switzerland

1000 644 Toni-Ann | The Swiss Freis

Basel; one of the most famous cities in Switzerland. Bordered by France and Germany, this diverse Swiss city is famous for many reasons. It is home to some of the…