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City View of Florence, Italy

Road Trip to Tuscany: Exploring the Old City of Florence on a Budget

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Road Trip to Tuscany, Italy Our road trip to Tuscany, Italy was an absolute spur of the moment plan. For months Jerry and I mulled over what we would do…

Lake in Switzerland

Did You Know? 21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

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21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland Before migrating to Switzerland, I admittedly did not know very much about this European country other than the obvious stereotypes: cheese, chocolate and the Alps.…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Great Huts Resort | Boston Bay, Portland

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Escape to Nature Great Huts Resort, located in the most beautiful parish in Jamaica, Portland, is a secret waiting to be revealed to the world! Perched on a cliff which…

Boats on the River in Xochimilco Mexico

The Best of Mexico’s Travel, Culture & People

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My trip to Mexico happened in early 2008 when I was still in high school. When my grade 12 Spanish class was offered the chance to go on a school trip…

Passport and Travel Guide

14 Essential Travel Preparation Tips for Your Next Trip

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  With my trip to Istanbul (Turkey) drawing nearer, I’ve been getting even more excited (and a bit anxious). A lot goes into the planning and preparation for travelling to an…

Kiss on a bridge

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Serendipity Holistic Resort | Blue Mountains, St. Andrew

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UPDATE: Only bookings for the Serendipity Holistic Resort Spa are currently available Season of the Aquarian Jerry and I share almost identical birth dates, with me being born on February…