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Girl at the Beach

A First-Timer’s Experience in the Greek Islands: Mykonos, Greece

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Do you know how many Greek islands there are? 6,000 Yeah, that’s quite a lot! Luckily (or unluckily) for us, only 227 are habitable so it surely cuts down our…

A Day In the Medieval Fairy-Tale Town of Colmar, France

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The Medieval Fairy-Tale Town of Colmar Exploring France’s medieval fairy-tale town of Colmar immediately transports you smack dab in the middle of Europe’s middle ages. No, seriously, you’ll feel like…

City View of Florence, Italy

Road Trip to Tuscany: Exploring the Old City of Florence on a Budget

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Road Trip to Tuscany, Italy Our road trip to Tuscany, Italy was an absolute spur of the moment plan. For months Jerry and I mulled over what we would do…

man and woman standing beside motorbike

Schwägalp Evening Motorbike Ride

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  Beautiful Day for a Motorbike Ride It was an unusually sunny day in St. Gallen. The weather so far in St. Gallen had been quite unpredictable and as such…

Masterpiece by Le Corbusier : Ronchamp, France

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Ronchamp? Where’s that?  You may find yourself wondering the very question. Well, Ronchamp, though not your average tourist destination, is a small sleepy town in eastern France. Though many may…

The Parthenon, Athens

Lounging with the Greek Gods: Athens, Greece

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  Greece? Yes Please! When I think of Athens Greece, a few notable facts come to mind: One of the birthplaces of modern civilization Homeland of many mathematical geniuses and philosophers Greek…