In this fun-filled second episode of the Festive Fusions video series, I transport you to the vibrant world of Jamaican Christmas traditions and share how I’ve brought the spirit of the Caribbean to Switzerland. As a Jamaican woman living abroad, I recount the lively rhythms, colorful customs, and aromatic flavors that define the festive season in my homeland. From reggae-infused carols to the delicious foods that characterize Jamaican Christmas, I reveal the ways in which I’ve seamlessly integrated and replicated these cherished traditions in my Swiss home.

As the snowy landscapes of Switzerland become the backdrop to the warmth of Jamaican Jingle, I guide you through the cultural fusion that makes our holiday celebrations truly unique. Through stories, music, and flavors, this video captures the essence of preserving and sharing the rich tapestry of Jamaican Christmas in a new and foreign setting. Join me in this celebration of diversity and tradition, where the beauty of two worlds converges, creating an unforgettable and harmonious holiday experience.