Bob Marley; the legendary king of reggae music.

Thanks to this iconic Jamaican reggae artist, my little island of Jamaica has been placed squarely on the map as one of the most influential countries in music history.

Chances are that one of the reasons you’d even consider visiting the main city of Kingston Jamaica is to experience its lively reggae music scene.

Am I wrong?

While there are many things to do in Kingston, one of the must-see attractions for a full reggae music tour around the city of Kingston is the Bob Marley Museum.

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Facts About the Bob Marley Museum

Did you know that the Bob Marley Museum was once the home of the famous reggae singer?

Yep, it certainly was!

After spending many years living and creating music at his iconic Trench Town residence, Bob bought a new home in the upscale residential area of Liguanea. He acquired his new 1800 Georgian home from his popular Island Records music producer and friend, Chris Blackwell in 1975.

Bob Marley Museum Georgian House
Bob Marley’s 1800’s Georgian home, now converted to house the museum.

Many of Bob Marley’s hit songs and albums were recorded right in this home as this was where he established his now world-renowned record label, Tuff Gong Studios. Bob even experienced an almost fatal shooting encounter in 1976 while living at this residence.

Despite being ridiculed by his neighbours, Bob Marley settled in to his home where he would eventually spend the remainder of his life.

After Bob Marley’s death in 1981, his wife, Rita Marley, converted the home of the reggae singer into a museum for all his fans to enjoy and glimpse a peek into the iconic reggae artist’s life.

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How Do You to get to the Bob Marley Museum?

The Bob Marley Museum is located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6, a mostly commercial stretch.

Half-Way-Tree is the most central area in Kingston and probably the easiest transportation landmark for independent travelers to get to the Bob Marley Museum. Modes of transportation in Kingston vary, from registered route taxis and government JUTC  buses to private chartered taxis.

If you’re traveling to Kingston from other major tourist cities such as Ocho Rios or Montego Bay a trip with the trustworthy Knutsford Express will land you in a business oriented part of the city called New Kingston. From there you’ll be able to charter a taxi directly to the Bob Marley Museum.

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What Should You Know Before Your Visit?

Before your visit to the Bob Marley Museum there are a couple things you should know.

The first thing to note is that the Bob Marley Museum´s opening hours are Mondays-Saturdays, 9:30 am-4:00 pm with an exception on Wednesdays whose opening hours are from 12:30 pm- 5:00 pm.

Secondly, the cost to enter the museum is $25 USD ($2500 JMD) for adults and $12 USD ($1200 JMD) for children aged 4-12. Kids aged 3 and under are allowed to enter free of cost.

The final thing to know before planning your trip is that the museum does not allow any photographs or videos to be taken throughout the house tour.

Don’t worry though!

You’ll be able to capture a selfie  on the outside of the house where you’ll see many paintings and images of the famous Jamaican reggae artist.

Toni-Ann Looking at Artwork at the Bob Marley Museum
Observing the Artwork at the Bob Marley Museum

Tuff Gong Painting at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica

A colourful painting for the Tuff Gong Studios

Girl looking at a sign at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica
They say Bob would sit under this tree as he wrote his songs

What Should You Expect?

Tour Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Once you’ve arrived to the Bob Marley Museum you’ll be whisked away by a local tour guide who will quickly make you feel right at home.

Believe me when I say that these tour guides know their stuff inside out!

Even the least fluent English speaker will be able to understand the very interesting stories of Bob’s personal life and accomplishments.

The tour begins as your friendly guide explains a brief history of Marley based on the printed images you’ll see on the museum’s bordering outdoor wall.

Girl Looking at Pictures at the Bob Marley Museum
Photos of Bob Marley on the front bordering wall of the museum

Afterwards you’ll be guided to the creme de la creme, the actual tour of the Marley house.

Girl Standing at the door of the Bob Marley Museum
Bob, can I come in?
Inside the Home

One of the highlights from the house tour is definitely seeing Bob Marley’s home based Tuff Gong studio where he famously recorded many famous songs.

Other interesting aspects of the house tour include seeing Bob’s album + world tour artworks, grammy awards and getting a peek into his bedroom and balcony where he was very often inspired to pen some of his most popular songs. The tour even highlights Bob Marley’s near death experience by showing you the bullet marks in the wall with a small video clip about the shooting.The house tour also includes a gift shop where you can buy some of the late reggae singer’s albums.

Photo Gallery & Featured Documentary

The tour doesn’t just end once you’ve seen the tour of the home.

Oh No.

The Marleys really give you bang for your buck!

Drum Player at the Bob Marley Museum
A fun drum player entertains the guests at the Bob Marley Museum

You’ll also be lead to experience a gallery which features rare images of Bob Marley and his family. Afterwards you’ll be lead to a theatre which shows a documentary on the iconic reggae artist. To commemorate your experience you can purchase Marley branded gifts such as t-shirts once you’ve exited the theatre.

One Love Cafe

Not ready to leave just yet? Well, you can spend more time with the reggae singer at the One Love Cafe. The cafe offers authentic Jamaican food and cups of the famously branded Marley coffee.

Falling Fruit Sign at the Bob Marley Museum
Funny signs around the One Love Cafe
Bob Marley Lyrics at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica
The lyrics of “Three Little Birds” painted on the outside of the museum

Sounds like a tour well worth it, doesn’t it?

I know I certainly enjoyed my visit there! The Bob Marley Museum tour is definitely worth the visit, especially for reggae music lovers who want to learn more about Jamaica’s king of reggae. Do yourself a favour. Make sure it’s on your must-do list of things to do in Kingston!

Have you visited the Bob Marley Museum? Did you learn anything new about Bob Marley on the tour? 



Listen to more of Bob Marley’s timeless music by purchasing some of his most popular albums:





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