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Season of the Aquarian

Jerry and I share almost identical birth dates, with me being born on February 2nd and he on February 7th. So most naturally we planned to spend our special days together.

Our birthday celebrations began when Jerry flew to Jamaica from Switzerland just a few days before. We had been separated for a month so it was great to reunite and spend time together. We had a full week ahead planned with road trips to both the Blue Mountains in St. Andrew and Boston Bay in Portland. Needless to say, we were both very excited about the upcoming week.

Enjoy a relaxing vacation in the cool Blue Mountains of Jamaica. at the Serendipity Holistic Resort! via www.theswissfreis.com

Serendipity Holistic Resort & Spa

We had chosen the Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa because of the superb recommendation we had received from a friend. Upon looking at images online and visiting the resort’s homepage, it seemed to be in sync with what we wanted our birthday trip to represent: RELAXATION. Serendipity was the perfect choice because the rooms were private cabins surrounded almost completely by nature.

The room we chose was called the “Moon Stone” cabin, one of the more cost-friendly cabins they had. It was small but very cozy with one of the most comfortable beds you could have ever slept in. The decor was also congruent with the resort’s natural theme, giving you a real feel of being in a quaint outdoor country setting.

Cabin in the mountains
Moon Stone cabin
Entrance to the Moon Stone cabin

Photo Shoot in the Lush Gardens

The first course of action after we checked in was a photo shoot that I had planned with a friend of mine, Pringle- Jik Reuben Visuals. It was organized as a casual shoot meant as a gift from Pringle. However, secretly I had also intended to present some of the images as canvas prints to Jerry when it was his birthday.

As we walked around the property trying to select areas to shoot, we discovered its sheer beauty. Lush trees and shrubs with wooden cabins interspersed throughout. Even even more beautiful was the river that ran through the property!

bridge over river
Lush gardens and river on property
Small waterfall

The shoot took us from the steps that lead to our cabin to a wooden bridge that crossed the large boulders that demarcated the river’s edge. Needless to say, the shoot was a success! With the photographic prowess and skill of my friend Pringle and the sheer beauty of the resort, the images turned out to be wonderful (Thanks a million Pringle!).

three people
Jerry and I with my friend and photographer for the day, JIK- Reuben

Toni-Ann’s Day!

The morning began early with Jerry waking me to gifts he had gotten me. Since he knew me to be a lover of photography, he had thoughtfully gotten me an intervalometer (a device used to record time-lapses with my DSLR) as well as an iTunes store card (for the music lover in me).

It took a while to get the day completely going but before I did I took a moment to whisper a prayer of gratitude for being able to see another year. I was also grateful to be able to spend it in such a beautiful place with an equally beautiful person.

Birthday Shenanigans: Serendipity Style!

We headed for breakfast which was prepared for us by a quite friendly chef on staff who greeted us with a very warm smile. After breakfast we lazed around in the communal lounge area for the resort, chit chatting and enjoying the beautiful natural setting. It seemed we were the only guests at the resort at the time which only enhanced our stay at Serendipity.

egg and toast breakfast
Birthday breakfast

The day progressed with us finally making our way to the resort’s spa where we enjoyed an hour long couples massage. The massage room had the most beautiful vista overlooking the river and trees!


tropical trees
View from the massage room

In the afternoon we left Serendipity to drive a few minutes to the quite popular Blue Mountain coffee shop, Cafe Blue. Cafe Blue gained its popularity among locals and tourists because of its scenic view of the Blue Mountains and of course its great brew of Jamaican grown coffee!

view from window at a truck
The famous cafe in the Blue Mountains, Cafe Blue

Our relaxed day slowly grew to nighttime. Dinner was specially prepared by the very talented chef on staff. It was a beautiful dinner with candlelight and great conversation.

Enjoying my birthday dinner with Jerry

The day ended with a night time dip in both the jacuzzi and river as we swam among the many ducks who call the river there home.

Duck on river
A local duck taking a swim in Serendipity Holistic Resort’s river

The Final Day 

The final day of this seemingly exclusive stay at Serendipity was one spent enjoying the scenery. After breakfast we walked around to capture some images of the surroundings and overall enjoy the last few hours of having the property to ourselves.

buddha head
Buddha head at the entry of the property

Serendipity was a beautiful getaway retreat, especially for a day that I wished to indulge in self introspection and relaxation. However, it was now time for our next half of the trip…

On our way to the next vacation spot!

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  • Oh Serendipity…Never Stayed Overnight, But It’s Where I Discovered That I Love Rivers 🙂 Food Was Great (& Affordable!) Too. Hope There’s No Truth To It Being Only Exclusive To Overnight Guests/Events Now.

    • I haven’t heard about that rule. Let me know if it’s actually true. That would be a shame.