Portrait of girl in alps


Couple sitting on wooden steps in nature

Photograph by JIK-Reuben Visuals

The Swiss Freis is a fun, light-hearted travel and lifestyle blog created by myself, Toni-Ann, in 2016. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica but currently living in St. Gallen, Switzerland, I created this blog out of the desire to share experiences with family and friends who live in different countries. My blog serves as both a written and visual diary intended to document life as I live it; from the experiences of living in a new country to the unique experiences and challenges I encounter from being in an interracial and intercultural relationship. The Swiss Freis is also a creative outlet for my interests in the visual arts, namely photography and video.

In the Travel Blog you will find posts related to the various towns and cities from the countries I have visited. These blog posts are focused on capturing these new places through a non-biased and appreciative perspective; observing the cultures and architecture in all its plain beauty.

The Lifestyle Blog is centered around experiences gained in my personal life. Posts vary from fun day trips to more thought provoking and insightful ones.

The Gallery is my visual blog. It takes you on different travel adventures  through the wonderful and very enthralling medium of images.

The Swiss Freis welcomes anyone interested in travel, visual imagery or just regular human life experiences to join the journey; from the wanderluster to the curious mind, I hope to provide you with an enjoyable experience. So follow as I explore and discover life and all it has to offer!

About the Author

I’m Toni-Ann and I was born in the warm and very beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Although Jamaicans are known for their bold personalities, I’m a reserved individual.

I consider myself creative, tending to lean more toward the languages and arts. I followed this inclination into the field of Architecture, pursuing my university education at the Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) at the University of Technology in Jamaica. I successfully completed my Bachelors of Arts in Architectural Studies (B.A.A.S)  in 2013.

Since childhood I’ve had a passion for music (thanks dad!) ranging from 90’s house music to alternative/rock. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I was much older that I began to appreciate the beauty of my own island’s music, reggae and dancehall. However, unlike my ingrained love for music, my passion for photography developed when I was 16 years old after I made a trip to Montreal, Canada.  My love for photography has only grown since, graduating from a Sony point and shoot camera to a Nikon D80 (DSLR) and finally to my current love, my Nikon D7100.

Portrait of girl in alps