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A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Jakes Resort | Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth

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Free Printable Tip Sheet Below! There’s a reason Jakes Resort is in the town of Treasure Beach, for it’s certainly a local gem. It…

City View of Florence, Italy

Road Trip to Tuscany: Exploring the Old City of Florence (on a Budget)

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Road Trip to Tuscany, Italy Did you know that Florence is the capital city of the central region of Italy, Tuscany? Road Tripping to…

2 Day Escape in Nature at Great Huts Resort: Portland, Jamaica

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Great Huts Tips & Recommendations Great Huts Image Gallery Escape to Nature Great Huts Resort, located in the most beautiful parish in Jamaica, Portland,…

Boats on the River in Xochimilco Mexico

Mexican Memories: Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexcellent Mexican Memories! I hope you guys were able to manage your way through my Mexcellent Mexican alliteration! 😛 Alliteration and all aside (see what…

Kiss on a bridge

Birthday at Serendipity Holistic Resort in the Jamaican Blue Mountains

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Season of the Aquarian Jerry and I share almost identical birth dates, with me being born on February 2nd and he on February 7th.…

Masterpiece by Le Corbusier : Ronchamp, France

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Ronchamp? Where’s that?  You may find yourself wondering the very question. Well, Ronchamp, though not your average tourist destination, is a small sleepy town…

The Parthenon, Athens

Lounging with the Greek Gods: Athens, Greece

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  Greece? Yes Please! When I think of Athens Greece, a few notable facts come to mind: One of the birthplaces of modern civilization Homeland of…

Steeple in Reschensee, Südtirol

Motorbike Road Trip: Südtirol, Italy

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We’re on a Roll! Shortly after we had finished our two week trip to Greece, came our opportunity to travel to Südtirol Italy. Jerry’s father,…

The Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Exploring Stuttgart City: Stuttgart, Germany

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The Center of Modern History Germany had always held a key interest for me. With its tumultuous history, particularly through the era of the…

Waggis from Basel Fasnacht

Basler Fasnacht: Basel, Switzerland

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Reunion in Basel Basel is a popular Swiss city that is bordered by France and Germany. It is one of the bigger cities in…

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Lake in Switzerland

Did You Know? 21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

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21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland Before migrating to Switzerland, I admittedly did not know very much about this European country other than the obvious…

Passport and Travel Guide

14 Essential Travel Preparation Tips for Your Next Trip

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  With my trip to Istanbul (Turkey) drawing nearer, I’ve been getting even more excited (and a bit anxious). A lot goes into the planning…

man and woman standing beside motorbike

Schwägalp Evening Motorbike Ride

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  Beautiful Day for a Motorbike Ride It was an unusually sunny day in St. Gallen. The weather so far in St. Gallen had…