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11 Tips for Europeans Travelling to Jamaica in the Christmas Season (with connecting flights through America)

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Let me start by saying what needs to be said: Flying through America at Christmas time is a nightmarish experience.  If you’re flying to…

10 Traditional Jamaican Christmas Food and Drinks (Includes Recipes)

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It’s no secret that Jamaica is popular for its Reggae music and its beautiful white sand beaches but did you know that Jamaica also…

Girl at the Beach

A First-Timer’s Experience in the Greek Islands: Mykonos, Greece

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Do you know how many Greek islands there are? 6,000 Yeah, that’s quite a lot! Luckily (or unluckily) for us, only 227 are habitable…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Lime Cay Beach

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Can you really enjoy a beautiful Jamaican beach day in the middle of Kingston? Yes! Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city, is famous for its lively…

A Day In the Medieval Fairy-Tale Town of Colmar, France

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The Medieval Fairy-Tale Town of Colmar Exploring France’s medieval fairy-tale town of Colmar immediately transports you smack dab in the middle of Europe’s middle…

A Local’s Guide to Jamaica: Jakes Resort | Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth

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Free Printable Tip Sheet Below! There’s a reason Jakes Resort is in the town of Treasure Beach, for it’s certainly a local gem. It…

City View of Florence, Italy

Road Trip to Tuscany: Exploring the Old City of Florence (on a Budget)

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Road Trip to Tuscany, Italy Did you know that Florence is the capital city of the central region of Italy, Tuscany? Road Tripping to…

Lake in Switzerland

Did You Know? 21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

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21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland Before migrating to Switzerland, I admittedly did not know very much about this European country other than the obvious…